3 Ways to Make Your Office a Successful Space

One of the main things that directly affect your performance is the space you’re working on. If you spend 40-50 or maybe more hours a week in the same place, is gonna rub off on you for better or for worse, whether is an office, a studio at home or your own cubicle.

There’s plenty of components that are involved in our productivity, and we take for granted how helpful a space that promotes achievement can be. Instead of hating the place you spent most of your time, you need to take advantage of it and make it your own creative temple. Take some steps to improve your office space, which will immediately improve your own development and will make your life easier. Here’s some small changes that can impact your life:


“And then there was light”. Illumination affects directly on the improvement of your work, and is not only a regular quality lightning what you need. Depending on the type of lightning you use, it can impact on the way you work, so establish your needs first before you choose what type of illumination to use. According to a Harvard University study, natural light can reduce stress and improve productivity in the workplace. Is well known that replacing artificial lightning with sunlight increases levels of health, so opening up your window and taking the most out of nature can be a good way of staying fresh, healthy and productive while you save some coins in electricity. You’ll feel a serious change where even headaches can be reduced and success will be promoted.


Investing in a double screen for your computer can be life changing. With the amount of data we need these days to keep everything on track and the tech tools and analytics increasing and speeding up every day, there’s not enough space in only one screen to look through it all in real time. Cycling through a zillion tabs every time can be exhausting, and it takes away a lot of productive time you could be using to go to the specific information you need. As well as your work requires you to monitor data or not, double screens gives you extra space to work with, a benefit we don’t take for granted. If you split screens to prioritize your tasks of the day, you’ll be more organized, and organization leads to improvement of your time.

An efficient worker is a successful worker!

Organized Space

The National Association of Professional Organizers has discovered that clutter can cost up to 10% of their salary to managers. The reason? Disorganization leads to a reduction of productivity and efficacy. When you’re working on a disorganized space, chaos takes part of your environment, which has immediate consequences over your performance. Keeping your space clean is easier than you might think. Dedicate 10 minutes every day before or after your working hours to take away everything you don’t need from your desk and throw it away, Marie Kondo style! An overloaded table is a reflect of an overloaded mind, so clean your clutter and open space for success.

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