Are You a Natural Born Entrepreneur?

Let’s face it: everyone wants to be their own boss. There’s always a point in our lives where we build our dream business, but not all of those who fantasize actually make it. It takes some special traits to be able to lead a team, and while anyone can have a bright idea, there’s certain abilities that can be bought in order to maintain and run a successful company. Entrepreneurship takes discipline, hard work and passion, so if you think you have what it takes to recognize a need and make it profitable and turn it into a favourable outcome, then keep reading to see if any on these characteristics fits you.

You’re Not Afraid of Taking Risks

Being an entrepreneur is all about taking the dangerous road. You need to have a sixth sense to identify opportunities from failures, but sometimes you’ll just have to trust your guts. This type of decisions won’t stop once you started: this is what growing up takes. If you don’t take this risky step, you might be missing out on success. This, of course, needs to be backed up by financials and projects, and you need to make numbers out of everything before you make any decisions. For this you need to keep the bigger picture in mind, because sometimes it will feel like gambling, and you’ll need to know when to bet and when to back off.

More Committed Than Anyone

Your business is your new partner for life, so you better take that vow beyond everything. If you’re not good at staying committed, it will be really hard for you to stay and think clearly through the ups and downs of starting a business. Giving up the first time something gets though will immediately take you to nine of every ten companies that fail. If you see mistakes as chances to learn and grow, you will keep moving forward and success will find you. There will be times where staying committed will take everything from you, but if you don’t despair and keep the patience going, it will eventually pay off.

No Problem at Choices

As the head of a startup company, most of your job will circle around making important choices that can change the direction of your business. From venues to suppliers and overall goals, everything will take a decision. You will also need to make the correct hiring and surround yourself with a team trustworthy that you can rely on, and that you know will make the right choices when you’re not around.

You Breathe, Eat and Talk Business

This is your lifestyle. Not a hobby, not a short-term plan. If you want to see your business grow, you need to be ready to give it all. Entrepreneurship is a full time job that sometimes will take more hours than the clock has. Being a business owner means that you think, breathe and consume your business every time you can, and if your mindset is not in tune with success then you will not draw incomes.

Long hours, travels and planning will become your regular life, but if you’re committed and patient it will all be worthy. Is a matter of passion, because when you love what you do, it won’t feel like a sacrifice.

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