Be The First Customer of Your Product – Business Planning

Be The First Customer of Your Product - Business Planning
Be The First Customer of Your Product – Business Planning

People who start a business have a lot of confidence in their product if not they would not market it to others. Some people rely on the statistical data that they have accrued about their target audience and know that they have a lucrative idea and business proposition to take them to heights with their investment. However, there is only so much that research data and customer profiles will be able to help you. While these profiles and research sound good on paper and all the data points to the success of your idea, there is nothing like actual people trying your product or service offering. You are first going to need a mock audience to try your product/service. This can be very difficult to acquire without exposing your business idea to people. The best way forward is to first look at your product or service as a customer than a business owner.

Be Your First Customer

Come up with problems that you encounter in general and come up with the solution not found anywhere else to solve the said problem. If you can convince yourself that you can solve your issue, then you might have an idea. The solution to the issues is always a great way to understand if your offering is credible or no. Secondly, you don’t run the risk of having to embarrass yourself to others who think they already know the answer to something. Different business ideas thrive, and that is precisely what you should aim to get to.

Next – Your Friends and Family

Once you are convinced with the solution that you have found for yourself, then its time to reach out to your friends and family. These guys are your biggest cheerleaders, and if you have something worth it, they will not only love it but also help in spreading the word around and getting others to do it as well. Your marketing is sorted for the first few months at least this way. Your family and friends would also tell you about the scepticism that they feel about your offering and make their opinions heard. However, there is one flip side to this, while everyone has something to say, not everything can be taken to heart. So, remember to be polite in receiving any and all feedback you can and then using the ones that you deem fit. Always try to make your well-wishers feel welcome to give you suggestions on what you should be doing.

Stay on Point

Once you have had your family and friends look at your product and taste the remarkable features that you have to offer, it is time to get the ball rolling to the next biggest target audience – your area/suburb. Do not try and market your product to a worldwide audience right from the start; the chances of failing on a global scale is a more significant fall than failing at a small level. While failure is not an option at any point, as a budding entrepreneur, you want to be able to handle a manageable size of the audience before you take it to the global scale.