Small Wins You Need to Celebrate When Starting A Business

Celebrating victories is always a way to cheer your team up. It keeps confidence boosted, spirits lifted, and it makes people work even harder to achieve more. We all know it: winning is addictive. However, success might seem a little bit hard when you’re just starting, and we’re here to tell you how wrong everyone is about that!

Milestones conquered by your company are a product of hard work, overwhelming processes, staying up until late and paying a lot of attention, so when you start to see your ideas paying off, you have to celebrate them and feel excited about it. This allows you to psychologically understand a milestone was achieved and will prepare you for more. Gather your team and have them toast when these following wins arrive!

Growing Up

Your first celebration is one that you can actually maintain through time: hiring an employee! Of course, is really significant to have the first one because is a sign that your company is finally growing up and not just you and your ideas on your living room. Since each employee represents an addition to your growth, you should celebrate every time someone joins your team. They increase productivity, add skills and expertise, and the hiring process itself is an investment of time and effort so if you finally got to where you wanted to be, you should celebrate it.

The Check

Just as the last one, this is a celebration you shouldn’t just do with your first one but every time that happens: getting a client! You’ve probably heard of people that have framed their first paychecks of their brand new company to mark an important milestone in you career as a businessperson: somebody else believed in you! Is important to celebrate this moment because all the effort, the hard work, the energy and time invested in getting that client and preparing your company for it is finally paying off. This is why most people consider this one of the biggest achievements of their life and decide to display it publicly: it reminds them how hard was to get there, and how easy it is to lose it.

Blowing Candles

Did you know that nine out of ten startups end up in total failure? So if your business got into their first year, then congratulations: you’ve done what 90% of people just can’t. Reasons are countless, from a lack of market for their product to not knowing how to recover from a big fall, but the important fact here is that every year you’re counting is another year beating the statistics up and accomplishing success in a sustainable way. Celebrating this will show you and your employees that hard work pays off, and that if you keep growing together, the business will also be heading up.

Digital Engagement

Getting people to engage to your business is one of the main branches of marketing. In this mediatic era where everything passes by right in front of our eyes, having people paying attention to you online is a huge milestone that needs to be celebrated. It’s not easy to develop a good social media strategy. Even with the help of an agency, it takes a lot of work and tactics to have a strong online presence, so getting 1K, 5K, 10K followers, or approaching other digital techniques like opening a new social media profile or web should be celebrated to inspire your followers and show your employees there’s people out there reaching out for what you do with love and effort.