The Best Web Store Builders for Start-Ups

Creating and maintaining a website is obviously a must in the modern world – but the online marketplace is crowded. There are billions of webpages out there which explain the products and services of a business, maybe with contact details and an online message form for potential customers to get in touch. There are far fewer fledgling businesses with an ecommerce site where you can actually buy products or services on the spot. The most popular e-commerce sites worldwide are eBay and Amazon. Many small businesses rely on these large-scale corporations because both sites attract millions of customers and they’re easy to set up and start selling on. An added benefit of not having to build your own website is that it saves time. However, eBay takes 10% of the cost of the item and Amazon take nearly as much. There are alternatives such as eBid, but any selling sites can be restrictive to scaling your business in some cases.

E-Commerce Store Builders Comparison

A popular alternative to selling on an online marketplace is Shopify, as it enables a business to have an independent online store using its own domain. This makes the business easily findable via search engines. Web store builders offer software full of features from $29 per month that make it quick and affordable for new businesses to sell their products online. With the majority of firms choosing to sell online rather than in-store, e-commerce is big business in the tech industry.

There are now a wide range of major e-commerce sites which offer all the premium features you could need to make your e-shop stand out from the competition. Shopify’s highly rated e-store offering can be designed bespoke to the brand and list an unlimited number of products, but their service comes at a high monthly cost for a start-up and charges come with US tax. A cheaper version created for UK-based companies is EKM. If you want to cut the costs of selling online and slowly build your online store, consider My Online Store. This is a new Dutch e-commerce site builder that is quickly growing in Europe. Unlike most others, there is a free package option – in which you can choose a website template and list up to 25 products. Upgrading is relatively inexpensive too, at which point your product range and sales would hopefully justify the decision to. Trying it out for free for as long as you would like means you have the freedom of choosing whether to upgrade if you’re happy with the free services.

Built-In e-Commerce

If you want to build a website and an ecommerce site in one place, then Wix is the best value platform. It’s free to create a website and an e-commerce store package starts at £11 per month. If you already have a website and want to add e-commerce functionality, this can be easily achieved with add-on software such as XCart, which connects to your website, or through any ecommerce template providers.

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